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November 2023 Harvest: 250 ml Jordanian Olive Oil, Jordanian Zaatar with Jar to Mix and Store Zaatar Spread

November 2023 Harvest: 250 ml Jordanian Olive Oil, Jordanian Zaatar with Jar to Mix and Store Zaatar Spread

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- Harvest November 2023 (250 ml) Jordanian extra virgin olive oil, first cold-press (packaged in a Marasca-style glass bottle)
- Six (6) ounces of Jordanian, authentic, all-natural zaatar from Jordan (BPA-free PET bottle)
- small glass jar (French-style yogurt jar with top) to mix and store zaatar spread
- optional gift bag for the olive oil bottle made from red/white keffiyeh/shemagh fabric (additional $1)

Harvested in November 2023. Authentic, Jordanian olive oil. This is our private label from family olive groves in Ajloun, Jordan.

After this significant rainfall, the green olives remain on the trees for another seven to ten days to absorb the water and sunshine before being harvested and immediately sent to a community olive oil mill for pressing. Because traditional methods are used, the olives are pressed once. (This past year our olives were the first to press). It takes 7-10 kilos, or almost 22 pounds, of olives to extract one liter of oil. This olive oil is pure, unadulterated oil that may have the appearance of being cloudy and darker green: both signs of its freshness and olives used. It may have a different flavor - a more earthy green bloom - and a light taste.

Zaatar is a name for “wild thyme” in Arabic (which we sell at The Bedouin Company), but it is also the name of the aromatic blend of the herb with wild thyme, sumac, toasted sesame seeds, wheat, and salt. Its bold blend is quite versatile. Our grandfather set up the first spice shop in Amman more than 70 years ago and the zaatar comes from the spice producer he helped found. **Note, that we do not add citric acid to enhance the flavor.

At The Bedouin Company, we use it as a dip at breakfast using olive oil and pita bread. A crust, dense bread like French or Ciabatta also works well - the bread absorbs the hold and holds the herbs once dipped). Use it over roasted vegetables, e.g. potatoes, and carrots, and sprinkle on labneh or cream cheese. Rub onto salmon and chicken. The possibilities seem endless.

This is a French-style yogurt jar made of glass with a plastic top. It can be used to store zaatar spread which is made by combining zaatar with a little olive oil.

18-24 months from opening. Store in cool. dry place.

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