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Bedouin (also known as Bedu, Beduin and Badawi) were nomadic animal herders originating in the Arabia Peninsula and spreading through North Africa and the Middle East. They used rock formations and desert sand patterns to navigate by day and the constellations to navigate at night as they sought fertile areas for their animals.

The Bedouin were also traders. It is believed the Bedouin traded Nablus soap with Europeans. They also traded spices. In the Levant region (modern-day Syria, Jordan, and Palestine), the Bedouin were goat and sheep herders. Some of their traditions, like sun-drying yoghurt, aka jameed, continue today.

After World War I, country boundaries and government restrictions on land forced many Bedouin to integrate into a more modern – and more sedentary – lifestyle.

Bedouin runs through our veins and the culture fondly remains in our hearts. We have wandered five continents, spending years living and working in Southern Africa, Europe, Eastern Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, and now America.

We started The Bedouin Company as third-generation spice traders. Our grandfather and great-grandfather - were spice traders in Palestine. In 1948, our grandfather, after being uprooted from Jaffa, lived amongst the Bedouin in the Jordan desert selling spices from the back of a camel.

He eventually established the first spice shop in downtown Amman, also somewhat of a desert at the time. Later, he helped a spice producer, also from Palestine, start a small business. Some 70 years later, the amazing bond remains as The Bedouin Company sources its spices from that once-small company, which is one of the best spice producers in Jordan.

After our grandfather's passing, his spice shop in downtown Amman shuttered its doors, but the history, memories, hopes, and a passion for spices – and tradition - live on.

The Bedouin Company strives to be the premier go-to source for high-quality, natural, responsibly sourced Middle Eastern, African and worldly spices, comestibles for discerning customers and clients, who value quality, natural products and support small and independent businesses. In response to customer requests and interest, we also offer sweets, textiles, and accessories.

As you browse our store, imagine you are wandering the streets of the Spice Bazaar in Istanbul, the endpoint of many a Silk Road spice trader. Even better, imagine window shopping the pristine spice shops of Amman, where, through open doors, aromatic spices and vibrant colors captivate your senses drawing you in.

We are passionate small business owners, artisans, and humans who have founded a business we believe in wholeheartedly. It’s not just about the spices and other products. It’s about celebrating culture and sharing traditions. By shopping with us, we hope:

  • to inspire customers to explore new cuisine;
  • to share culture, traditions, and history of regions that might otherwise be unfamiliar;
  • to bridge gaps in understandings about the Middle East, specifically the Levant region; and
  • to ultimately promote greater peace and understanding.

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