Collection: Nablus Olive Oil Soap from Nablus, Palestine


A Millenia of tradition cannot be wrong. Soap makers in Nablus, Palestine have been making a variation of this 100% all-natural olive oil soap for more than 1000 years. The recipe and soap-making technique has changed very little in that time.

The ingredients of Nablus soap are (1) virgin olive oil; (2) water; and (3) an alkaline sodium compound, i.e. sodium hydroxide. The alkaline compound is made by mixing the powdered ashes of the barilla plant which grows along the Jordan River with locally supplied lime. The sodium compound is then heated with water and the olive oil in large copper vats over fermentation pits.  Once the saponification process takes place, the thick liquid is poured into frames or on flat surfaces to set.

Nablus soap is cured (dried) for 3-12 months, a process that removes almost all the moisture which not only makes the soap last longer but creates a nice creamy lather.

The versatility of olive oil soap makes it an ideal choice for minimalists. The soap can be used as an all-purpose cleaner on clothes (grated for a laundry detergent), hair, pets, dishes as well as the face and body.

Olive oil is rich in vitamins and A, D, E and K that can also benefit your skin. It’s also got some anti-bacterial properties, making it an aid for those who suffer from frequent breakouts.

Our customers rave about this soap. is quite possibly one of the best soaps in the world.

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