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The Bedouin Company

All-Natural Nablus Olive Oil Soap

All-Natural Nablus Olive Oil Soap

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Nablus Soap, from Nablus (West Bank) Palestine.

Palestine is said to be the birthplace of olive oil and is home to some of the world's oldest olive trees - some as old as 5,000 years.

With so many chemicals - names we cannot even pronounce - in today's skincare products, why not go back to basics with a soap that's 100% natural? We have enough environmental toxins getting into our bloodstream. Do something good for your skin and health by going natural The soap may be a bit pricier, but one bar is long-lasting and your health is worth it.

There are three ingredients in the soap: virgin olive oil, water, and "geli" (or sodium hydroxide). This compound is cooked for three days until a thick mixture forms. The mixture is poured where it is allowed to dry before being stamped with the company's logo and cut. The soap is then stacked into “tananirs” or pyramids and dried for three -twelve months before being wrapped.

The all-natural olive oil soap has endured throughout the Middle Ages. It is said Bedouins brought the soap to the Mediterranean, where it eventually made its way to Queen Elizabeth I and became a favorite amongst 14th Century European women who revered it for its nourishing and healing benefits.

This soap is:
• Organic Soap
• 100% natural
• 100% biodegradable
• Is not tested on animals
• Has a Healing and nourishing effect
• Respects the natural balance of the skin
• Supports the self-healing ability of the skin

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