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Ras El Hanout (رأس الحانوت), Imported from Jordan

Ras El Hanout (رأس الحانوت), Imported from Jordan

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Ras El Hanout (رأس الحانوت), an Arabic phrase that translates to "top of the shop" or "head of the shop," carries a profound implication – it is a blend of the finest spices a merchant has to offer. This spice blend was once a showcase of the spice merchants' most prized and exquisite spices, with variations arising from different regions.

Legend has it that a heated exchange between a spice merchant and a spice trader led to the accidental spillage of several spices. In an effort to recoup the cost of the spilled spices, the resourceful spice merchant gathered them, packaged them together, and sold this serendipitous blend as an exotic spice mixture, thus giving birth to the iconic Ras El Hanout.

Originating from North Africa, primarily Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia, the origins of Ras El Hanout can be traced back to the rich history of Moroccan cuisine. Morocco's strategic position as a gateway for spice traders exporting from Africa to Europe allowed many of these spices to find their way into the country's culinary traditions.

With countless variations of this spice blend, spice shops may utilize anywhere from 10 to 100 different spices to create their own distinct and complex flavor profiles. Regardless of the combination, the resulting flavor is often warm, aromatic, and captivating.

The ingredients that compose this aromatic blend are a symphony of flavors, featuring cumin, cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg, ground anise, turmeric, paprika, clove, allspice, mace, ginger, black pepper, cayenne pepper, and coriander.

Ras El Hanout finds its way into a myriad of savory dishes, often used as a rub for meats, chicken, and lamb tagines, which are complemented by the sweetness of raisins and almonds. It also lends its distinctive flavor to couscous, pasta, and rice dishes. Beyond its savory applications, it has been embraced in the realm of roasted vegetables, imparting a warm and aromatic essence to carrots, sweet potatoes, and an array of other vegetables. Some even sprinkle it over popcorn or incorporate it into yogurt dips, showcasing its versatility.


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