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CUSTOM ORDER: 70 Units of Palestinian Zaatar, 1 Ounce Bags

CUSTOM ORDER: 70 Units of Palestinian Zaatar, 1 Ounce Bags

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This is a custom order for 70 bags of 1-ounce Palestinian Zaatar.

70 bags x $3.30 = $231 + $10 for USPS Priority Mail shipping = $241

Authentic Palestinian Za'atar: A Taste of Heritage

Our Palestinian za'atar is a time-honored blend of four simple yet flavorful ingredients: wild thyme (hyssop), roasted sesame seeds, sumac, and salt. Za'atar is not only the Arabic name for the wild thyme herb but also the cherished spice blend that has graced Middle Eastern tables for centuries.

The wild thyme used in our blend is known as "Bible hyssop," "Romani hyssop," or "Persian za'atar," a fragrant herb that originated in the Middle East and has gained popularity worldwide. For those who have relocated to the USA and long for the familiar taste of their local za'atar, our authentic blend offers a taste of home.

With its bold and aromatic flavors, Palestinian zaatar complements a wide range of dishes. Traditionally, it is used as a dip with olive oil or as a topping for manakeesh (manaqeesh), the Middle East's version of a flatbread pizza. However, its versatility knows no bounds, and we invite you to explore the countless possibilities:

  • As a coating for labneh (strained Greek yogurt)
  • For roasting potato wedges and chicken
  • As a filling for crescent rolls (including Pillsbury™ versions)
  • Sprinkled over sweet potato fries and popcorn
  • Enhancing the flavors of hummus and other dips

Embrace the rich heritage and culinary traditions of Palestine with our authentic za'atar blend. Experience the flavors that have graced tables for generations and embark on a journey of taste that transcends borders.

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