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Harvest 2023 Jordanian Olive Oil, Authentic, Natural First Cold-Pressed, 250 ml

Harvest 2023 Jordanian Olive Oil, Authentic, Natural First Cold-Pressed, 250 ml

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Comes from family groves in Ajloun, Jordan.

Olive harvest officially begins after the first significant rainfall. After the rains, the olives remain on the trees for 7-10 days to absorb water, sunshine and ripen before being plucked and immediately sent to a community mill for pressing. Approximately 22 pounds of olives produce one liter of oil. Families are known to pick olives from dusk to dawn to get them pressed as quickly as possible. Because of the traditional methods, our olives are pressed once.

This first cold-pressed olive oil is pure, unadulterated oil that may have the appearance of being cloudy and darker green - both signs of its freshness and olives used. The flavor is different than typical Italian and Spanish olive oil. This oil is a bit more youthful “green” bloom, olive, earthy and this richness enlivens the food it is added to.

Olive oil that’s first cold-pressed maintains the most antioxidants offering the greatest health benefits. In Jordan, it's referred to as "olive juice" and a small glass is consumed daily by those who believe in its health benefits.

Jordan is home to some of the oldest olive trees in the world. The earliest evidence dates back 10,000 years. The diversity of Jordan’s olive cultivars and the variation in its climate give its olive oil a number of unique characteristics and tastes.

The predominant local varieties of olives are Nabali, Rasie Nassohi, and Souri, which have been grown in the country for centuries. The Souri variety produces an oil with an intense fruity aroma with very good and distinct organoleptic characteristics.

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