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Palestinian Dukkha Dukkah from The West Bank, Available in Several Sizes

Palestinian Dukkha Dukkah from The West Bank, Available in Several Sizes

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The word "Dukkha" comes from the Arabic word ‘to grind,’ referring to how this blend was originally made. This authentic dukkha hails from the West Bank and has made its way to the USA via Jordan.

There are spices, usually hyssop (wild thyme), cumin, sesame seeds, and salt as well as proteins such as hazelnuts, wheatberries, and chickpeas.

Dukkah, or "Dugga" to Gazans, can be enjoyed with olive oil and warm pita bread (khbouz). Mothers in Palestine would make quick sandwiches using oil and dukkha to quell a rumbly tummy or two in between meals. I love it on homemade labneh (replacing cream cheese) on a sesame bagel. It's also a great rub for lamb, chicken, and fish. It is a great way to flavor crackers, croutons and homemade bread. It can be sprinkled on everything from roasted vegetables, pasta, feta cheese, and even fresh fruit.

Other ideas:
- on yogurt
- on pita bread with olive oil and toasted
- on poached eggs
- in salads
- as a crust for chicken or fish
- in soup
- on hummus
- in salad dressings

Nut allergen: hazelnuts, wheat, sesame seeds.

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