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The Bedouin Company

Jordanian Olive Oil with Jordanian Zaatar & Palestinian Dukkha, Great Gift Set

Jordanian Olive Oil with Jordanian Zaatar & Palestinian Dukkha, Great Gift Set

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This set includes 60 ml Jordanianian olive oil, a 1.5 oz glass jar of Palestinian dukkha, and 1.5 oz jar of Jordanian zaatar.

Option to purchase with or without a small gift bag (see photo).

Natural zaatar and dukkha make ideal dipping companions with Jordanian EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) and pita bread or fresh French bread.

Jordanian Olive Oil (60 ml) - The oil comes from family olive groves in Ajloun, Jordan. The olives are "Nabali Baladi," one of the oldest varieties in the Middle East,

The olive season culminates annually after the first substantial autumn rains (usually October/November) when families work from morning to night picking olives. Once collected, the olives are taken to a community press, where the oil is extracted and tested for its quality.

Jordanian Zaatar - authentic zaatar great for dunking fresh bread with olive oil. It's also great for eggs, chicken, potatoes, fish, and even the traditional manakeesh, the Arabic version of pizza. Students eat it all the time because it was said to stimulate the brain especially when studying right before exams. Contains sesame seeds.

Palestinian Dukkha - authentic West Bank dukkha, great for dipping or cooking with. This does contain nuts and sesame seeds.

The Bedouin Company follows in the footsteps of a past generation. Our maternal grandfather was a spice trader in Palestine. In the late 1940s, he was displaced from his home and joined the Bedouins in neighboring Jordan. Back then, most of Jordan was still a desert community - even Amman - so spice trading was conducted from the back of a camel. Our grandfather would go on to establish the first spice shop in downtown Amman. He also managed to fund a very new small producer which would go on to be the best spice producer in Jordan today. After our grandfather's passing, the shop closed, but the best memories and dreams live on.

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