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Authentic Al-Karak Jameed (2 Pieces per Package) Includes 1/2 Ounce Mansaf Spices.

Authentic Al-Karak Jameed (2 Pieces per Package) Includes 1/2 Ounce Mansaf Spices.

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We are pleased to carry authentic, original, natural jameed from Al-Karak, Jordan. This jammed is made from ewe's milk (sheep milk). It was produced in November 2023 and expires in November 2025.

This listing is for the smaller jameed balls. There are 2 balls per package, each weighs an estimated 4-6 ounces each. We have indicated in the options how many pieces per package.

The milk is heated until thickened then strained to remove the whey. It is then salted (preservative), shaped into cone-shaped balls and put outside to dry. It’s almost rock-hard when ready. Most jameed is white indicating it was dried outside in the shade. Jameed that is yellow or beige was probably dried in the sun.

The tradition of making this dried yogurt has long been an essential part of Jordan’s cuisine and culture, and the product is one of the key ingredients used in the preparation of mansaf, Jordan’s national dish. Jameed is also employed in a variety of other traditional dishes such as al-rashoof soup and shakreyeh. Some bold chocolatiers have even combined the pungent, tangy dried yogurt with chocolate. (It’s an acquired taste.)

Traditionally, the Bedouins supplied Jordanian markets with this fermented, dried yogurt made from either goat’s or sheep’s milk. Jameed originated with Bedouin who developed a unique process of salting and drying yogurt to preserve it during grueling trips across the desert. It would be reconstituted with water for use in sauces, like jameed sauce, used in mansaf.

Bedouin would put milk in a leather bag (made from sheep or goat leather) and shake it to create a thick cream (like butter). The cream would be boiled until it reached the consistency of a labneh (imagine Greek yogurt).

Healthwise, it’s said jameed is a good source of protein without being too high in fat. It’s said to contain 37 vital nutrients such as vitamins A, C, D, E as well as calcium.

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