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Set of Jordanian Zaatar and Palestinian Dukkha, Authentic, 100% All Natural, 6 Ounces Each

Set of Jordanian Zaatar and Palestinian Dukkha, Authentic, 100% All Natural, 6 Ounces Each

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Six ounces each.

In recognition of "BFFs" everywhere, here is an ideal pair: Jordanian zaatar and Palestinian dukkha. The two cultures and cuisines have integrated for decades and they are now more than friends - they are families. They are aunts, uncles, husbands, wives, and mother-in-laws.

Jordanian zaatar - Ingredients are wild thyme, roasted sesame seeds, sumac, wheat. salt.

Zaatar's bold flavor compliments any dish. Sprinkle a little over cut potatoes and roast. Sprinkle on cream cheese before spreading on pita or a bagel. Use in combination with olive oil and dip pita bread. Sprinkle on salmon filets and bake. Sprinkle on popcorn, hummus. Search the Internet for recipes and you'll discover the possibilities are endless!

Palestinian dukkha - From the West Bank. The ingredients include hazelnuts, ground wheatberries and chickpeas, cumin, and sesame seeds.

Wow! What can I say about this cousin to zaatar. I was hesitant at first to taste it, but as I did, it reminded me of something I'd eaten during my years in Istanbul. I guess you might call it a bit of a protein spread (when mixed with olive oil) to prevent hunger between meals. Palestinian mothers would make quick sandwiches for their children to quell a "rumbly tummy" or two between meals. 

Dukkah, or "Dugga" to Gazans, can be enjoyed with olive oil and warm pita. The word "Dukkah" comes from the Arabic word ‘to grind,’ referring to how this blend was originally made. I love it on homemade labneh (replacing cream cheese) on a sesame bagel. It's also a great rub for lamb, chicken, and fish. It is a great way to flavor crackers, croutons, and homemade bread. Like its cousin, zaatar, be sure to search to search the Internet for recipe ideas.

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