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2023 Palestinian "Nabali Baladi" Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 142 ml, from Family Olive Grove in Huwara, Palestine

2023 Palestinian "Nabali Baladi" Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 142 ml, from Family Olive Grove in Huwara, Palestine

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The name is "Alsalam," which means "peace."

Alsalam is a truly limited edition extra virgin olive oil with deep Palestinian roots. Sourced from our family in Huwara, Palestine, this oil is made from the renowned "Nabali Baladi" olives – one of the oldest varieties in the Middle East originating from the banks of the Jordan River. The olive trees are between 80-100 years old and descended from trees dating back to Roman times. 

Palestinian olive oil is renowned for its premium extra virgin quality due to the fertile land and unique topography. The annual olive harvest season is short, with families working tirelessly from morning till night after the first autumn rains to pick the olives at their prime. Once collected, the olives are taken to community presses where the oil is extracted and tested for quality.

Olive cultivation has ancient roots in Palestine, with some of the world's oldest olive trees found here dating back 4,000 years. These ancient trees, passed down through generations for hundreds of years, continue to be the main source of income for 80,000 Palestinian families. According to the UN, 48% of agricultural land in the West Bank and Gaza is devoted to olive groves, contributing 14% to the economy. For Palestinians, the olive trees symbolize their deep attachment to the land.

Alsalam olive oil encapsulates this rich heritage, offering a taste of Palestine's ancient olive tradition and the enduring connection between the people and their fertile lands.

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