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So, I worked for a large humanitarian organization (the one that saves kids). It was a dream organization. Less than a year after moving to Connecticut to take the position, my department went through a "re-organization," and I ended up in a position destined for Turkey or Amman, Jordan. However, I am poached by another team and offered a position in Zambia. I jumped at the opportunity as I'd had college mates from Zambia. Within a year though, our team is told to get ready to move to Pretoria, South Africa.

During my time in Zambia, I had discovered the chitenge and African wax fabric. I would buy it in Lusaka and up near the DRC border from Congolese women. I had stock-piled a bit and brought it with me to South Africa.

The next place I would find it was Mozambique. I flew back to Pretoria with three extra bags filled with the fabric.  I would end up driving my station wagon the next trip to Maputo in order to fill up the car with fabric on my return. Since customs would likely inspect the car, I'd make the back as messy as possible (pile shoes, papers - anything) on top of the fabric to discourage inspections.

The fabric holds many, many fond memories for me.

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