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Kabsa Kabseh Spice Blend, Two Ounces

Kabsa Kabseh Spice Blend, Two Ounces

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Kabsa spice from Jordan.

Cuisines: Used in savory dishes, sometimes rubbed on meat, chicken and lamb tangines (with raisins and almonds), and fish. Used in couscous, pasta, and rice. Also for roasting carrots, sweet potatoes, vegetables. Some sprinkle on popcorn, mix in yogurt for dips.

Description: There are many variations of this spice blend. Spice shops may utilize from 10 to 100 different spices to create their own distinct and complex flavor profiles. Whatever the combination, the flavor is usually warm and aromatic.

Origin: North Africa:  Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia. Origins date back in Moroccan history. Morocco was a gateway for spice traders exporting from Africa to Europe and many of the spices made their way into Moroccan food culture.

The story goes:  a heated exchange between a spice merchant and spice trader resulted in the spillage of several spices and the spice merchant, in order to get his money back on the spices, scraped up the spices, packaged and sold as an exotic spice blend.

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